Young Toddlers - Sunbursts

Sunbursts 1-2 year olds

We are looking forward to helping your child grow socially, mentally and physically. Each day we will engage the children in activities that will help them learn about themselves and the world around them through age appropriate experiences.

Our daily activities will include the following: art, music and rhythm time, sensory play, reading and outdoor play. Through these activities we will help your child learn basic colors and shapes, how to share with other children, and the difference between right and wrong behavior.

Each week we will have a few "special" days thrown in where we will cook, get really messy or have a special play day where we get out the tents, tunnels and all the large toys. We will try our best to let you know ahead of time when these days will be, especially our messy day, because no one wants to take a child painted green to grandma's birthday party!

We are really looking forward to helping your child develop and become more confident in who they are in the world around them.

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