Pre Kindergarten

Star Academy

Star Academy’s curriculum consists of a wide variety of learning experiences that meet the needs of the individual child. Our daily schedule involves “opening” where we do calendar, a math activity, a language arts activity and a story.

We do theme related centers which include an academic activity in science, social studies, math, art, hands-on, blocks, dramatic play, book carpet, teacher center, computer and listening centers. These centers are designed to allow children to work at their own level and pace. Our day also includes whole group learning activities where we cover a different subject daily in math, language arts, science, social studies, Spanish and music.

The children have recess, lunch and rest time. This allows them to relax and get ready for an afternoon of learning.

The afternoon begins with a story to match our theme and journal writing. Journals are an important part of our day. We work on conventional spelling and the children are able to freely express themselves in writing. We see enormous growth as we observe the journal writing over a period of time. We also do open centers in the afternoon which continue to be academic, however, they are less structured and allow the children to make many choices. Our junior kindergarten program covers the Clarkston schools curriculum and since our class size is so small, we do a great deal of first grade work as well. We are able to give our student’s individual attention which shows in our students’ success.

At Star Academy we strive to create an excellent learning environment that meets the individual needs of each child.

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